About Papa James

I am lovingly referred to as “Papa James the Realtor.”  Why you ask?  Because at the ripe old age of 35 I have 8 grandkids, yes that’s not a typo I have 8.  They range from 14 to 1 years old and they keep me busy.

Real estate is not my first venture and I believe that makes me better in this industry.  My diverse background gives me a certain insight into different people and places.

I really enjoy helping people find the perfect home for them at that time.  Whether it is the first time home buyer wide eyed and anxiously excited about this huge new purchase; or the experienced family that has out grown their home it is always fun.  My favorite part of this business is the relationships I have formed along the way.

I love my clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use the  Contact Us page to tell me what I can do for you.